1 (Administration) Danilo Scalia and Andrea Fallibene are the only administrators of this website. So they are the only who can give permission to use images or print pages.
2 (Coasters)
We collect only beer coasters or Malt beverage coasters. We dont' consider soft drink  or rum, whiskey, cola, thè...ecc.

3 (Classification) Coasters are classified by Country, City, Brewery, Mark and Year.
(Under License)
If a beer is brewed under license the coasters are included in the country.
Ex: Brahma and Stella Artois are brewed under license in Argentina by CERVECERÍA Y MALTERÍA QUILMES


If a beer is imported the coasters are considered IMPORTED.
They will be included in the Imported Coasters page only if clearly there is a prouf of his origin such as writings in original language or addresses.

(Missing Countries)

When a beer is brewed under license in a country, such as Efes in Russia, and we don't have the page of this country we put it under main origin country (Turkey).
Under the coasters we will put the name of the first collector who sent us the new coaster image.  Sometimes we could have the image downloaded from internet web, in this case the coaster doesn't show a name.
(Fake coaster)
A beer coaster is a fake when it is printed without brewery permission. Generaly are put on internet by people who want to gain with this hobby.